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Present day businesses are dependent on applications for their daily operations as well as the generation of revenue. Applications are the life force of any business and once they are installed, management revolves around monitoring, providing technical support and performing system administration tasks like installation, configuration and up-gradation. These are  critical to ensure that these applications continue to run optimally.

There are two types of applications critical to an enterprise - Infrastructure or Utilitarian Applications and External or Enterprise Applications.

The team at Samola Systems manages applications designed for the cruise industry and and can provide upto 24/7/365 support and service agreements which include the management of infrastructure applications, Commercial-of-the-Shelf (COTS) solutions,  and custom applications. With the world going digital, enterprise businesses have also started to rely on applications to suit their needs and help run their businesses more effectively and efficiently. It goes without saying that companies have begun investing a lot of money to keep pace with emerging technologies and to better align their IT to achieve their business objectives much more effortlessly.

Using the “follow-the-sun” support model Cruise Lines have the option to take advantage of any part of Samola Systems 24/7 and 365 day a year operational support.


Samit Lal, the cruise industry.

Once a Shippie, always a Shippie!

Samit Lal is the founder of Samola Systems, with over 18+ years of on-board and shore side experience in the cruise industry. Having worked for cruise lines since the age of 25, he has served as an onboard Systems Manager and has managed an IT department for many years. When the opportunity came along, he moved over to handle shore side operations and support the onboard  team. Samit was up for the challenge and supported various applications while working at the shore side office. He has a true in-depth understanding of on board operations.

Samola Systems is committed to the delivery of services to all clients in a consistent and innovative manner,  thus surpassing their expectations. We strive to provide solutions to meet our clients expectations on quality, schedules and cost; with our ‘Customer First’ approach we will continually strive to improve the quality of our service. As a learning organization, our motive is to add significant value to our employees’ talent, so that they to respond to client needs in a proactive and effective way.


Application Support

Application Support

The complex task of managing an entire cruise has been simplified, thanks to Samola’s integrated application support. Right from the management of multiple on-board systems, to ensuring of continuous inflow of supportive IT methodologies and deployment of strategic resources to support the on-board operations; Samola Systems has been programmed to take new problems and exceptions in its stride. It has been designed to take on any exception or problem and eliminate it before it re-surfaces again or causes any damage. We support various on-board applications including but not limited to Oracle Hospitably Cruise (Fidelio Cruise), Oracle Hospitality (MICROS), MarineXchange (MXP), MAPS Crew Scheduling System, IssueTrax, AMOS, NAPA & InfoShip. 


Every single cruise liner requires expert resources and manpower to effortlessly run its strategic operations. With Samola Systems, you can always access well-trained and technically-skilled resources, which can assist you in the design, development, implementation and integration of on-board applications. There is no silver bullet to eliminate all problems one may encounter in the daily operations of a cruise. However, what our team does is to anticipate their occurrence and get equipped to handle those exceptions before any damage is done. Samola Systems’ resources can help fulfil your project needs as well as provide the Project Management resources.
Other Services

Other Services

Samola Systems for large ventures mostly dwells on Infrastructure Support, Server Management, IT Help Desk Support, System Administration, Backup & Recovery and Tools organization. Samola guarantees the largest amounts of accessibility for the central goal basic business applications to work without interference. Administration choices are tweaked with different Engagement Model offerings to incorporate diverse framework components and the different levels of accessibility needed. 

Due to advances in technology and changing business needs over the past decade, a large portion of the IT foundations have experienced growth and diversification; therefore they are becoming more process oriented. The current heterogeneous situations are having complex Hardware and Storage gadgets, Operating Systems, Databases, Application Servers, Monitoring and Governance Control Tools from various vendors and open source innovation and devices. There is an obvious need for talented assets having multi-skilled aptitude to oversee such complex base and its technical support operations.



Zeeko is your intelligent, innovative and integrated technological solution partner responsible for providing a strategic solution for your business

Suite of cutting-edge technological products that will serve all your cruise and retail requirements proficiently. It's a set of next generation software products that will empower your operations and revolutionize customer experience

zPOS: An end-to-end robust POS software solution

With zPos state-of-the-art technology you are well positioned for the future. It will enhance revenue opportunities, guest satisfaction and will give you a competitive edge. Our full suite of intelligent POS solution is cloud based with flexible and configurable hardware that will provide innovative hospitality service to retail and leisure establishments of any size such as cruise industry, restaurants, grocery stores, cafes and bars, salons, pharmacies, spas and more. zPos features multi-location management, which enables users to monitor business from a single screen and make changes to menus across locations. It provides real time reports and analytics. The platform offers industry-specific features including menu and ingredient management, table planning, order processing, multi-store support for retail stores for restaurants and fast-food establishments. Its modules allow users to award sales commissions, apply discounts to items and set security levels for different employees

zView: Our instant Feedback Management System

We are differentiated by our highly engaging best-in-class intelligent cloud hosted platform, live dashboard, a powerful question bank of inbuilt templates, deep analytics, customer support, industry-leading algorithms that calculate feedback percentage, data security, and ability to scale with organizations’ growing needs. It helps businesses around the world gather actionable insights and improve their business decisions by analyzing gathered data by using an array of collaborative functionalities. Flexible templates, desired report formats and Integrations with third party products are the strongest side of the application. It is the next generation system where respondents actually relish answering because of the personalized questionnaire approach that makes them feel important. It certainly has one of the simplest and most visually appealing interfaces, and responds equally well on all devices and operating systems. It seamlessly automates data collection and analysis for organizations of all sizes.

zCare: IoT based guest health monitoring system

zCare is an aesthetically pleasing addition to our on-board hospitality operation. It is an IoT based guest health monitoring system that captures health parameters continually. It monitors the temperature of the guest/crew and updates them to an IoT platform. zCare is laser-focused on additional safety improvements, enhanced screening, stringent sanitizing routine, prevention and control measures for both crew members and guests to ensure that consumers feel as confident as possible in this post pandemic era. We as a company have closely monitored the evolving situation and put health and hygiene of your guests and crew as our supreme responsibility.

zDate: The online booking management application

zDate offers reliable, centralized, easy-to-use cloud-based booking system that will revolutionize your online services and back-office operations by providing you with all the tools you need to efficiently manage your business. zDate makes it easy for you to take your business online and broaden your avenues by allowing you to take bookings through your website, connect to third party channels improving operating efficiency and maximizing revenue. It will expand your market reach by eliminating booking errors by managing availability, bookings and guest relations from a single automated platform.

zGate: The Attendance tracking tool

zGate online attendance system has the complete records of all guests to track attendance clock in and out for any event, shows etc. zGate has a user-friendly design and intuitive features to help guide staff through each step. Understanding the attendee journey is an integral part of increasing your event success, we provide solution that tracks session duration, show floor attendance, and allows access control. zGate right-sizes the solution to fit your event size and guest needs.




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